• Meeting-256

    Boardroom Integration

    Gone are the days when video conferencing and table connectivity were luxuries. Your clients expect them. And you expect them to work. First impressions matter. Let’s make sure you make the right one. Read on! →

  • Snack-Burger-256

    Menu Boards

    Keeping your restaurant’s menu and pricing up-to-date is imperative in the highly competitive food and beverage industry. With our digital menu boards, all you need is your computer or iOS device. Read on! →

  • auto

    Automation & Control

    Energy management, media integration, security, lighting — isn’t it time you took control? With our help, you can. From anywhere. Read on! →

  • Volume-256

    Audio Video Solutions

    We’ll make sure your audio and video systems work together to give you smooth, easy control. Sound good? Get the picture? Yes and yes. Beautifully. Read on! →

  • Speech-256

    Speech Privacy

    Large open-space offices, customer call centres and sales floors can be loud. Boost productivity and morale with professional sound masking. Read on! →

  • Bill-Board-256

    Digital Signage

    Going digital with your message isn’t just easier and more cost effective. It’s the future. Let us design and install your digital signage network to help tailor the perfect solution for you! Read on! →

  • security

    Security & CCTV

    Protecting your home, office and loved ones isn’t just your top priority. It’s ours, too. From smoke and CO detectors to temperature and water sensors to front and back door entry surveillance, secure peace of mind with Hillman AV. Read on! →

Trusted Products

We believe in using the industry's most trusted equipment. Here's some of our favourites:

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