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Why is my TV black or showing no signal?

Please ensure the TV is powered on. If other channels work, contact your content provider.  If they don’t, power cycle the cable box. Try a different source/input or channel, if applicable. If you still require assistance, please submit a service request here with your findings.  A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours […]


Why do I have audio but no video?

Ensure both ends of the connections (between the display and source device) are secure. Please confirm your display is set to the correct input. If possible, try connecting an alternate source device to your display. Power cycle your display.  *See how do I power cycle my device? If possible, power cycle the source device.  *See […]


Why isn’t my audio and video in sync?

Power cycle the display and your source device. *how do I power cycle my device? Please determine if it is all channels and/or sources or not.  If only select channels are experiencing this sync issue, please contact your content provider. What comes first – the audio or the video? Please submit a service request here […]


Why won’t my laptop display on the screen?

Ensure the cable is connected securely to your laptop port. Depending on your laptop, you may set the laptop to either extended or cloned display.  This indicates your laptop sees the second display. If the Laptop or PC does not show a second display review the first issue in this article. If the Laptop or […]


Why is my video quality poor?

Poor resolution or a blurry image?  Try this: Ensure both ends of the connection are secure. Confirm resolution requirements of the source device are coordinated to the display. Pixelation, artifacts, or lag?  Try this: Locate the connection cable, try another one in its place. Connect an alternate source device. Colour distortion?  Try this: Go to […]


Why isn’t my display showing?

Please confirm the display AND source device are powered on. Ensure you are set to the correct input. Ensure the cable connection(s) on both ends are secure. Try connecting an alternate source device. If possible, try connecting to an alternate display. Identify where the problem is located.  (Is more than one display experiencing issues?) If […]