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Why can’t I mute my audio through the app?

Confirm if you are able to control any other functions (volume, channel, etc.) or not. Please try the mute function from another interface (remote, tablet or alternate control method). Ensure you have a proper network connection. Ensure you are connected to the correct network. Note: If you are able to connect to a network but […]


Why isn’t my wall-mounted control working?

Please locate the Crestron processor (typically a CP3) and press the SW-R with a pen or pin. Allow a minute for the device to reset. Confirm the connection is restored and that control has been re-established to the wall unit. If you still require assistance, please submit a service request here. A member of our […]


Why isn’t my iPad controlling anything?

If the secondary touchpad is responsive: Ensure the iPad is connected to the correct WiFi network. Please confirm the button showing “Press me to Connect” was pressed and shows “Connected”. Press Me To Connect Audio Controller Is Connected If the secondary touchpad is unresponsive: Please locate the Crestron processor (typically a CP3) and press the […]