Video Conferencing

With industries spread throughout numerous geographical locations, video conferencing provides the connection to easily collaborate and share ideas, no matter where you are. Offering a visual connection, participants can see each other’s facial expressions and body language, leading to a more effective and genuine meeting experience. 

With the remote workforce growing, businesses are looking to mobilize platforms that are flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy. Using well-known platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx, Hillman AV can help partners build systems that streamline internal communication efforts, including direct messaging, video calls, and shared drives. Our experts will customize training resources so you can confidently use Zoom to strengthen interaction and collaboration within your organization.

Benefits of Video Conferencing 

  •       Improves direct communication and relationship building 
  •       Increases collaboration 
  •       Saves time and money 
  •       Expands productivity and efficiency 
  •       Makes scheduling meetings easier 
  •       Helps remote teams stay connected

Hillman AV is an authorized Zoom Solution Provider.

Zoom has changed the way enterprises around the world connect and communicate. Zoom ties together everything you need into one easy platform – from 1:1 meetings to Town Halls and Webinars. It’s a frictionless video experience on desktop, mobile, and conference rooms.

With Zoom, most companies see an 85% increase in video usage and VoIP is used 6 times more than telephony – so people join fast and are more productive, and companies save money

Learn how Zoom can fit into your organization