Wifi & Network Solutions

As businesses evolve, branching into various physical locations and digital spaces, the need for secure, scalable, and accessible network connectivity is more crucial than ever.

At Hillman AV, we take pride in delivering LinkSafe, an advanced network management solution pre-configured and remotely managed, designed to seamlessly integrate with your business infrastructure. Our expert team collaborates closely with you, taking into consideration your specific needs to customize and configure your system before deployment.

LinkSafe ensures a robust, user-friendly, and reliable network without requiring intricate IT expertise from your end. When you partner with Hillman AV and adopt LinkSafe, you gain access to our vast network of IT professionals. This not only lifts the burden of hiring, training, and managing an in-house IT team but also significantly reduces your overhead costs.

Reach out to Hillman AV today to discover more about the game-changing network solutions offered by LinkSafe. Together, we can pave the way towards a secure, efficient, and cost-effective network infrastructure for your business.

  • Personalized Network Monitoring:

    We keep an eye on your network gateway address round the clock, ensuring it’s always updated and uniquely tailored for secure remote access.

  • Content & App Filtering

    Filter your online content efficiently and precisely with LinkSafe. With our whitelisting capabilities and 54 categories, you can avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful distractions

  • Rapid Content Classification

    We’ve got you covered when it comes to new online content. LinkSafe ensures this content is detected and classified within 24 hours, keeping your digital environment safe.

  • Customizable User Interface

    Experience enhanced user experience with our customizable interface. If you hit a blocked page, we offer a personalized stop page.

  • Malware Mitigation

    Stay protected against 350,000 strains of harmful software, including ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, and botnets. Our malware mitigation works as a powerful ally to your existing anti-threat software.

  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

    Gain valuable insights into your network with our real-time reports. We also store up to 6 months of data for an in-depth analysis of your network activities.

  • Area Restriction Control

    Gain more control over your network with our area restriction feature. You can detect and even block access to certain countries, providing an additional layer of security and options for geo-fencing.

  • Quarterly Updates

    Stay ahead of the curve with our quarterly updates. We ensure your network stays updated with the latest security and performance enhancements.

  • Advanced Notifications

    In the event of mechanical interruptions or incidents, our network professionals are informed within minutes, allowing for a rapid response to keep your operations running smoothly.