Wifi & Network Solutions

With businesses expanding and allowing employees to work out of various physical and virtual locations, the need for a secure and easily accessible network is now a requirement. Employees need to have the ability to access company drives from any location or technology platform, ensuring continued employee productivity for a success and profitable business 

Hillman AV assembles pre-configured and remotely managed network systems that can be easily incorporated into any business environment. We work closely with you to create an effortless process, determined through your individual needs, to customize and configure your system before installation. 

We build user-friendly and reliable network and Wi-Fi solutions that don’t require you to be an IT expert to manage effectively. Partnering with Hillman AV grants you access to our extensive network of IT professionals, relieving the stress of needing to hire, train, and incur costly overhead for in-house IT staffing. 

Contact Hillman AV to learn more about the following network and Wifi services:

  • VPN and Remote Access

    As the demands of the remote workforce grow, implementing a VPN can ensure your employees have access to information that was previously only available on site. With hackers having the ability to compromise 90% of passwords within hours, we will work with you to add additional levels of security to your VPN, including two-factor authentication, that will leave you with the peace of mind that your information is safe and secure.

  • Encryption and Security

    With most internet services providers (ISP) unable to offer encrypted access, forcing many businesses to use a highly insecure mechanism, Hillman AV can provide a custom network that provides access and support through a variety of devices.

  • Network Structure

     Using our tested and proven process, Hillman AV equips you with the framework for a stable and self-sufficient network that is built to last.

  • Wireless Management

    All of our routers include an integrated Wireless Management System with one form factor access points that are built to withstand harsh environments from -40°C to 70°C. These routers provide our partners with real time visibility and complete control over their connected devices.

  • Disaster Recovery Protocol

    When issues arise, ISP’s simply reset. Our networks have a protected configuration that is not impacted or manipulated by ISP configurations. They are designed with proper protocols in place, including system back-up and maintenance of critical configurations, that allow functionality to be restored within moments of a failure.