Meeting Rooms

Collaborative meetings are more common now than ever. The rise of open-office environments and shift away from cubicles, drives the need for more private, collaborative spaces. Wireless sharing, BYOD and control system automation have helped transform meeting spaces where customers and colleagues can come together onsite and remotely.

As new technologies continue to enter the marketplace meeting rooms need to be equipped with the latest in large video displays, wireless presentations systems, videoconferencing and a solid networking infrastructure. With these items in place, collaborative meetings spaces can be an easy addition to the workplace that enhances productivity, reduced travel time and improved communication. From small huddle rooms to large auditoriums, the need for audio, video and lighting is imperative to enable effective communication.

Zoom Rooms

Hillman AV is an authorized Zoom Solution Provider.

Any space can easily become a modern, simple-to-use ZOOM Room… from tiny huddle rooms, to executive offices, to huge training centers. And whether you have a few rooms, or a few thousand, ZOOM Rooms is effortlessly scalable.

Essentially, it’s what your meeting room is meant to be, with:

  1. Flawless video and audio conferencing
  2. Instant wireless content sharing from any device
  3. One tap to start a meeting