LED Video Walls Part 2 of 2: Pick Your Partner

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Despite the rich benefits provided by LED video wall displays, prospective purchasers must still navigate the complexities of installation and maintenance to realize their full impact and value. To make it easier, we’ve put together a short list of set-up and service factors for LED video walls that impact overall success.

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Quality Installation = Exceptional Presentation

To realize the benefits of a visually stunning LED video wall for advertisers and sports fans, we recommend having your displays installed by a professional audiovisual integrator. We use our expertise to help you capitalize on the inherent benefits of digital LED signage, including:

  1. Longevity – When installed correctly, LEDs can operate for between 35,000 and 100,000 hours without being replaced.
  2. Efficiency – LEDs generate a minimal amount of heat, converting 80-90% of the power they draw into light with minimal waste
  3. Flexibility – We can customize displays according to venue and viewer requirements, including colors, shade, brightness and other visual elements

LED video walls benefit from a low-profile installation with no bulky rear projection system. Professional Installation ensures that displays are installed seamlessly, making your LED video wall appear as one giant screen rather than many smaller screens positioned side-by-side. This creates a more immersive experience for both fans and advertisers.

Invest in Proactive Maintenance with a Long-Term Technology Partner

Beyond the initial set-up and installation of your LED video wall, effective ongoing maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal results, such as maximized system up-time and performance.

Many audiovisual integrators deliver LED video walls by sourcing products internationally, assembling domestically and selling or shipping to local customers. This process minimizes the sticker price for the customer but leaves them on the hook for things like routine maintenance, system upkeep and operational time. Without proactive maintenance, minor technical issues can snowball into service interruptions that disrupt system availability and negatively impact advertisers and sports fans.

Today’s leading audiovisual integrators are looking beyond the initial installation and working to establish long-term partnerships to meet the ongoing technical support needs of their customers. This includes proactive maintenance in the form of annual or biannual check-ups, ensuring that each video wall, display screen and individual LED is in pristine working order.

For LED video walls in hockey arenas, moisture and water condensation from the rink surface (as well as the occasional errant slapshot) may disrupt or damage LED displays if undetected for extended time periods. Proactive maintenance with a long-term technology partner addresses these issues and helps ensure that fans won’t miss a moment of the action.

Look for Balance Sheet Benefits

Regardless of the size of your business, investing in one or more LED video walls can make a sizable

dent in your organization’s balance sheet. Audiovisual companies that install LED walls typically require payment in full at the time of delivery, leaving customers with little flexibility to arrange a suitable remuneration schedule. Up-front payment for LED video walls means that the installation is typically recorded as a capital cost for tax purposes and must be depreciated over time, spreading out the tax deduction for the customer despite their significant cash outlay at the time of installation.

In our world, a truly flexible solution extends beyond installation and maintenance and includes flexible payment options for our customers. The leading audiovisual integrators of tomorrow will offer fair financing options for customers, including long-term financing that enables the customer to treat LED video walls as an operating expense rather than a capital cost (and enjoy any related tax benefits).

Figure 3: Flexible payment options can offer benefits at tax time and free up cash for other investment opportunities.


LED video walls are a versatile and high-impact medium of communication with growing importance in sports entertainment. They provide an immersive experience for fans, enhancing the connection between viewers, players and the team. They also provide an effective platform for corporate advertisement and promotional messages that encourage fans to return for future games and league-related events.

Hillman AV is passionate about delivering exceptional performance in LED video wall installations and service. With a combined 30 years of audiovisual integration expertise, we provide end-to-end solutions with maintenance and financing options that support your ongoing efforts to deliver the best product for fans and sponsors.

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