How to Use Acoustic Treatments to Decorate Your Office

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Acoustic treatments have the ability to be much more than just a basic black box on a wall, making them a fun and integral part of the office design process. Our premier partner Hush Acoustics has offerings that can be customized using a variety of different colors, allowing you to showcase your branded colors or match an existing office design with ease. Treatments are also able to be customized in a variety of different shapes and can include cut out patterns, like chevron, bricks, or bubbles, helping to enhance the overall design aesthetic of your space.

No matter where you are within your office design process, these finishing products can add interest and intrigue while reducing noise for a more productive work environment. Looking for some creative ways to incorporate acoustic treatments into your space? Check out some of the ideas below and contact us to learn more about integrating the Hush Acoustics product line into your office space.


Free-standing dividers are an ideal way to not only reduce noise pollution within your space but provide a simple and elegant way to break-up open space within your office environment.  The dividers can be custom-made in a variety of colors and shapes to complement the existing layout and design aesthetic of your space. Desk dividers are also available to help create separate workstations within a shared working space and help reduce the noise brought on by these open, shared spaces.

Wood Beams

For those looking to accent their rooms using wood beams, Hush Acoustics offers a wood printed line that can absorb unwanted reverberation within hallways, entryways, and meeting spaces. Most people entering your office will just think these beams are an interesting decorative element and will be completely unaware of how they are helping the acoustics within your space.


Most offices use pieces of art or large-scale photography to decorate their spaces and this is a perfect way to disguise acoustic treatments by having imagery printed right on top of them. Those entering your office space won’t even realize it is acoustic paneling. It just looks like beautiful imagery placed throughout your space.

Wall Tiles

With panels coming in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, panels can be organized in different configurations and patterns to create a unique design upon your walls. Reveal tiles, with a duo-tone appearance, provides a two-layered design that is ideal for those looking for a more subtle look and ribbed tiles can be combined with wood paneling for a very sophisticated effect.


Printed murals are available in a variety of prints, including different kinds of wood, brick, and stone, and can add a sense of definition and texture. Murals can also be custom printed with artwork, your company logo, or something else that fits with your office design.


Sometimes ceilings include fixtures or attachments that can become an eye sore to the overall look of the office. Acoustic clouds, hung directly from the ceiling, can help to distract from these issues and can be used no matter the ceiling type. These clouds are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, leaving you with countless design possibilities.

Light Shades

Hanging light shades are an ideal way to address sound absorption while ensuring your lights continue to shine brightly. Hush light shades are customized in four shapes (curv, gem, peak, and tab) and is perfect solution for those looking to keep their acoustic treatments hidden.

Future Capabilities

Currently, most acoustic treatments are flat in composition but future product lines may include 3D materials, helping provide increased texture options for designers. When these options become available, it will allow for acoustic treatments to be used to make statement pieces within the office, allowing panels to serve as a piece of art.