Food for Thought: Restaurants Want You To Eat With More Than Your Mouth

When a new restaurant opens, there is a lot to consider beyond the menu. Of course you want delicious food and outstanding service, but arguably more important is the ambience. Are you looking for a place to watch live sports? Are you looking for a relaxed atmosphere with great background audio?

Believe it or not, a great dining experiences needs to involve solid audiovisual planning. Here are a few things to consider when outfitting your restaurant:

  1. Audio – Do you want to share the same audio everywhere, or different zones? How high should the speakers be hung, and where? How powerful do these speakers really need to be?
  2. Displays – Do your screens need to be interactive, or are they for displaying content only? What sort of resolution do you need on these screens? Projection versus panels?
  3. Surveillance – Where do the cameras go? How powerful do they need to be? How long do you need to keep recordings?
  4. Control systems – How is everything controlled… from volume to which channel is on which TV to lighting to overall ambience.

Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing restaurant or building a new one, it is vital to consider the end user’s experience when planning the audiovisual system. As you can see from the list above, there are a number of things to consider, and this is really only scratching the surface. For instance, if you will be using LCD/LED displays as menu boards, the displays need to be large enough for the words to be legible, as most menu boards are located behind a counter and towards the ceiling. If you are using LCD/LED displays for a live sports atmosphere, consider large displays so the image can be seen from people sitting far away, or even a video wall so all viewers can enjoy the content.

Hillman AV can help you with your restaurant audiovisual needs. We work with some of the top up-and-coming chains in Canada, and we have designed, installed and serviced dozens of restaurant audiovisual and surveillance systems of all sizes and types. We take what we do seriously and have a team of passionate and dedicated employees that work to implement the best solution for your audiovisual technology needs.

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