Building a More Efficient Office: Ways AV Supports Increased Productivity

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With the pandemic and great resignation shaking-up the workplace, businesses are putting more of a focus on technology to help connect virtual teams, organize organizational documents, and increase productivity. As some employees return to in-person office spaces, employers are relying on fully-integrated collaborative spaces to encourage direct dialogue between employees that have been working mostly remotely for the past two years. Putting a focus on improving internal operations through technology can not only lead to more productive employees, but happier ones too. Here are a couple of ways that AV technology can enable a more productive work environment for you and your employees.

Improved Communication

Building a comprehensive internal AV network gives employees the tools needed for improved communication in and out of the office. Building out a dedicated video conferencing system, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, will not only enable remote meetings and collaboration but boost your ability to hold important external meetings and conferences with clients and employees throughout the country. This focus can greatly reduce company travel time and expenses, with employees able to put that time towards other business efforts and initiatives. HR can also utilize these tools to conduct employee training and informational sessions, removing the time wasted coordinating on-site sessions.

Informative Signage

Digital signage can help provide valuable information to employees looking to utilize meeting rooms and spaces, helping them to book space or see the daily schedule. Displays and touchscreens can also be used to share internal announcements, giving greater visibility to important announcements that are shared by email or internal chat services. Digital signage gives the employer the ability to change content at a moment’s notice, dispersing information quickly and ensuring it stays up to date.


Gone are the days where physical filing cabinets line the walls of office spaces, providing a need for employees to come to the office to access their files and other confidential information. Utilizing protected networks and servers, employees can access their files from any remote location while also being able to access documents within internal meeting spaces to be used during collaborative sessions.

Increased Collaboration

Building out meeting spaces, with interactive displays, PTZ cameras, and remote device connectivity, allow employees, whether remote or in-office, to have the tools necessary to conduct brainstorming sessions and work on projects collaboratively. This level of functionality gives the feeling of team members and decision makers coming together to meet around a table, even if that table happens to be virtual.

More Technology = Increased Happiness

Technology facilitates open lines of communication, encouraging employees to move away from static emails, inviting team members to be part of ongoing dialogues and discussions via video call or chat. Using technology to improve internal processes also allows for a decrease in inefficiencies, saving employee time spent dealing with tech delays, troubleshooting, and other frustrating road blocks. This allows employees to focus on productivity and as everyone knows, a more productive employee is a happier employee.