Audiovisual Sessions to Push your Business forward at Infocomm 2019.

As an active member of the Audiovisual industry it’s quite easy to stay up to date with technology, there are always webinars, article releases, training courses. Between the Media and the Manufacturer’s there are publications on new gear offerings daily. It’s what the people want, right?

As a business owner, education, tips and tricks are widely accessible. Countless magazines and website are dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs to financial success, employee and culture development and sales domination. This isn’t the problem either.

Combine the two and being the owner of an Audiovisual business can come with it’s niche challenges.

Keeping an eye on market trends, reliable product and technology, and the latest push of on-boarding and developing new comers to the industry. All this and a whole pile of other issues faced is the exact reason why I enjoy heading to live events like AVIXA’s Infocomm Show. This event has customized sessions and courses for others in my position of managing an Audiovisual Integration Business. With Infocomm just around the corner I thought I would share the top 3 sessions I am anticipating to provide great value from:

1. AVaaS Roundtable: How to Thrive in the As A Service Ecosystem

This session, although a panel discussion is hoping to help AV companies like mine learn the challenges, opportunities, and changes in how we design and build systems. They will be discussing what’s driving the resurgence of AVaaS, and examine the evolving roles of AV customers, manufacturers, integrator’s, and the sales channel in this new ecosystem.

2. Using AV Standards to Ensure Project Success

I’m really looking forward to this one. I often refer to our industry as the “wildwest.” Audiovisual and Low Voltage Integration is commonly on the fringe of regulation and building codes. Without standards there isn’t really a way to measure success, completion of a project or compare apples to apples in a bid process. This opens up a can of worms for Project Management, Budgets and System Performance. This panel session will cover how to implement and build projects for success based on AV standards. I’m hopeful they cover how to convey the value these standards bring to the clients. This one is a must!

3. Using AV Technology to Trigger Customers’ Biological Responses

This one sounds more tailored to the sales side than business a whole but I am interested to hear how we as the Audiovisual Industry can leverage a client’s biological response in providing value to their business. Content is a significant driving factor in the sales of audiovisual. In digital signage and immersive audiovisual, content is king. This session aims to teach us how to tie it all together, how do we take the hardware, and the content to trigger a biological response from users, clients, customer’s and those that experience AV systems to achieve results.

Sidenote: This session offers a new format of a “Now What Workshop?” which has been launched to follow up after this session. So now we not only can attend the education portion but those interested can follow up with the implementation. Great way to take what we learn and how to use them now.

Looking forward to heading to Orlando this upcoming week and getting value out of what is the largest audiovisual show in North America. See you all there.

Jarrod Hillman
Hillman Audio VIdeo Inc
Twitter: @AVpreneur

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