Food for Thought: Restaurants Want You To Eat With More Than Your Mouth

When a new restaurant opens, there is a lot to consider beyond the menu. Of course you want delicious food and outstanding service, but arguably more important is the ambience.  Are you looking for a place to watch live sports? Are you looking for a relaxed atmosphere with great background audio?

Believe it or not, a great dining experiences needs to involve solid audiovisual planning.  Here are a few things to consider when outfitting your restaurant:

  1. Audio – Do you want to share the same audio everywhere, or different zones? How high should the speakers be hung, and where? How powerful do these speakers really need to be?
  2. Displays – Do your screens need to be interactive, or are they for displaying content only? What sort of resolution do you need on these screens?  Projection versus panels?
  3. Surveillance – Where do the cameras go? How powerful do they need to be?  How long do you need to keep recordings?
  4. Control systems – How is everything controlled… from volume to which channel is on which TV to lighting to overall ambience.

Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing restaurant or building a new one, it is vital to consider the end user’s experience when planning the audiovisual system. As you can see from the list above, there are a number of things to consider, and this is really only scratching the surface.  For instance, if you will be using LCD/LED displays as menu boards, the displays need to be large enough for the words to be legible, as most menu boards are located behind a counter and towards the ceiling. If you are using LCD/LED displays for a live sports atmosphere, consider large displays so the image can be seen from people sitting far away, or even a video wall so all viewers can enjoy the content.

How We Can Help

 Hillman AV can help you with your restaurant audiovisual needs. We work with some of the top up-and-coming chains in Canada, and we have designed, installed and serviced dozens of restaurant audiovisual and surveillance systems of all sizes and types. We take what we do seriously and have a team of passionate and dedicated employees that work to implement the best solution for your audiovisual technology needs.

AV Pro(fessional) vs. AV Con(sumer)

It seems anyone can install a display or audio system, right? In fact, you’re thinking that you can probably do it yourself!  “Yes,” you say , “that 65″ TV from the living room WOULD look great in your office lobby! Plus, it is less expensive than the professional display I was researching.  Surely the TV and a professional display are essentially the same thing, right?”

Well, if you mean they both display images on a screen and have a basic level of connectivity, then yes, they are pretty much the same.  As well, keep in mind depending on the application, that may be all you need.  However, when you need a solution for your commercial application, we here at Hillman AV would suggest something a little more robust.

Let’s quickly review the two main differences between consumer and professional products.

The first is the operation runtime of the product. Consumer products are designed to operate for a few hours at a time. Professional products are designed to operate up to  24/7, especially for applications such as digital signage or command and control centers.

The second difference is warranty. Most consumer products have a warranty of one year, where professional products have warranties that range from 1-3 years. This is important to note as most manufacturers – consumer and professional – will void the warranty if the product is used 24/7 and it is not rated for that amount of runtime.

So how does this relate to Hillman AV? We are a professional systems integrator. Our philosophy is to be at the forefront of the audiovisual industry and provide the most up-to-date and reliable system to our clients. One way we do this is by maintaining strong relationships with the top professional audiovisual manufacturers, providing us with both consumer and professional solutions.

Another way we separate ourselves from from other integrators is our industry knowledge and commitment to internal education. Technology standards are constantly changing, and we encourage our team to adapt and learn about them. The majority of our technicians carry an InfoComm CTS certification, which is recognized worldwide as a leading AV professional credential.  Learn more about the CTS certification here.

How we can help

At Hillman AV we take the time to get to know our clients and the challenges they want to solve. We take the time to provide the correct technology solution for our clients while adhering to industry best practice standards. Whether your audiovisual need is part of a new construction project or an upgrade to an existing system, Hillman AV can help.

Need assistance? We’re here to help.

At Hillman AV, we’ve integrated an online service ticket system that allows us to deliver expert service and unparalleled customer care. Let’s face it: Technical issues come up at the most inconvenient time. At Hillman AV, we feel your pain and designed our online ticket system just for you!

Here’s how it works: If you’re experiencing an issue with your audio, video or security system, and need assistance, click on our online service ticket system to open a service ticket directly with our support team. The ticket will ask for specific information that will help us define the issue and generate a quick and efficient solution.

Submit a service ticket

Submitting an online service ticket is the most convenient way to resolve your technical issue quickly and efficiently. It allows us to:

  • Focus on resolving the problem based on priority
  • Online troubleshoot
  • Deal with multiple customers at once
  • Escalate tickets automatically when required
  • Offer seamless support between our technicians and management
  • Measure our support by gathering analytics to enhance customer service
  • Offer remote customer service so we don’t lose valuable time

Types of service requests include but are not limited to:

  • Audio Video Product support
  • Audio Video Technical support
  • CCTV and Security Technical Support

Hillman AV is a company that is fully committed to provide outstanding customer service. We truly care about our customers and give them focused and undivided attention by providing them with exactly what they need. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to be at the forefront of the audio and visual industry and to provide the most up-to-date and reliable systems to our customers. Contact us today! Our team is ready to help you.