Hillman Audio Video Partners with Jack FM for “A December to Remember”

Hillman Audio Video Partners with Jack FM for “A December to Remember”

“A December to Remember” is an annual event hosted by local radio station, Jack FM. This event assists teachers by providing them with tools to help preschool children who are who are deaf, have cleft palates, and/or praxia, how to communicate. What they found was that many of these children learn best through visual and interactive lessons.

So in early December, Adam MacKay approached Hillman AV with regards to contributing to this event by providing them additional tools to use within the classroom environment. Immediately we wanted to help these teachers with a solution to better communicate with their students and provide an interactive learning environment for them. For more information on the Luidia eBeam, please follow this link.

If you have 3 minutes, please take the time to listen to what tools we were able to provide these amazing teachers and their students.

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Our team at Hillman Audio Video want to extend a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone this season.

Hillman AV Congratulates Kramer Electronics on 2013 AV Awards Wins

Kramer Electronics Wins at 2013 AV Awards

kramer electronics award

Hillman AV would like to congratulate Kramer Electronics for the recognition they received at the recent 2013 AV Awards.

Kramer took home two awards at the event: The highly touted “Manufacturer of the Year” award, and a product specific category, “Systems Product of the Year” award with the VP-771 Presentation Switcher/Scaler.

The VP−771 is a high−quality, 9−input presentation switcher and scaler from the new line of Kramer’s presentation scaling switchers, ideal for boardrooms, hotels, churches, lecture theatres and training rooms. The VP−771 accepts one of nine inputs: component video, DisplayPort (DP), 3G HD−SDI, two computer graphics, two composite video and two HDMI signals. It offers a versatile feature set that includes Luma−Keying, Picture−in−Picture functions, 2K resolution, emergency alert notifications, built−in web pages, and more. The VP−771 offers the ultimate in image manipulation and processing, using the latest digital signal processing technologies.


For over 30 years, Kramer Electronics has been providing solutions to the vast range of challenges that confront the AV industry, developing creative, reliable and value−oriented top−of−the−line products and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support. Their products serve a broad range of market segments, with a guarantee for best performance, reliability and quality, and up to seven years of warranty for most products.

We here at Hillman AV love to partner with innovative companies that truly shape the future of the AV industry. Kramer Electronics continually strive to achieve greatness, and we’re truly honored to be aligned with this great organization.

Hillman AV is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Kramer Electronics Products, and we wish them continued innovation and success.

Mobile Digital Signage

What Can Digital Signage Do?

Digital signage can be an incredibly effective means of delivering your company’s message. Most digital advertising networks that I’ve seen are fairly simple by design. A seven to fifteen second video loop played over a network of 6 to 14 large stationary billboards. But digital signage can be so much more than that.

At Hillman AV, we have partnered with BrightSign as our supplier of digital signage players. “Geo-Fencing” is one of the coolest options that the XD1230 media players are capable of.

digital signage

Geo-fencing is a fairly new concept when it comes to digital advertising. It allows you to play content that is targeted to the current location. By adding a GPS dongle into the BrightSign USB port, you’re able to establish geo-coordinates using Google Maps. From there you assign an interactive playlist to the geo-fenced area as a trigger and as you enter each area, the playlist will change based upon your location.

Public transit is the perfect environment for geo-fencing. Imagine a business traveler being picked up at the airport by a taxi or limousine that has an advertising display installed. As he or she makes their way to a downtown hotel, the advertising playlist being shown is for downtown area businesses. Bars, hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants in the area are advertised on a small LED screen that is targeting this traveler. Upon check in, he or she now has an idea of what businesses are in the area.


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Not only does this provide relevant location-based business information, but it can also generate an additional revenue stream for the taxi company as well. By selling advertising that can be geo-targeted, the business that is advertising is relevant when consumers are driving into the shopping area. This type of targeted marketing can be more effective and economical than trying to talk to too broad of an audience.

This is just one of the key features of the BrightSign XD1230. For more information on the capabilities of digital signage, click on the links throughout the post, or Contact Us.


Consumer Versus Commercial Grade TV’s

Consumer or Commercial Grade?

Commercial Grade LG TV

LG Commercial Grade TV

So you’re looking to purchase a TV. Whether it’s for personal or business use, there is a lot to choose from. More and more businesses are integrating flat panel televisions in their establishments as they are becoming more aware of the benefits of using these mediums. Whether they are used for digital advertising, business information, or for Monday Night Football, these displays are in literally everywhere.

How do you choose between consumer and commercial grade TV’s for your business? Were you even aware that there is a choice? Most models look exactly the same, but there are differences.

When deciding on a flat panel display for use in commercial applications, there are four things to keep in mind when making your final decision.

1. Portrait or Landscape – When using the displays for digital advertising, it’s a nice feature to be able to choose between portrait and landscape modes. Most commercial displays are built with the ability to do either mode. Consumer grade TV’s, on the other hand, are typically not able to access portrait mode.

2. Running Time – The Majority of commercial grade TV’s are specifically designed to run 24/7. Consumer grade TV’s on the other hand, consumer models are rated 4/7. Four hours per day, seven days a week. For most business applications, displays are running much longer than that. You could find yourself replacing the consumer displays more often due to image burnout.

3. Cost – Many consumers expect commercial grade TV’s to cost substantially more than their consumer grade cousins. That’s simply not the case anymore. As technology advances, prices tend to come down. Gone are the days when a commercial display would cost you 30-40% than consumer grade. And in most cases, the difference is less than 15%, and on occasion, I have actually seen less than a 5% difference in price.

4. Warranty – Many business owners do not realize that when consumer displays are used in a commercial environment, the warranty can revert to 90 days “over the counter” requiring the display to either be shipped back or taken in to a service center for repair. Most commercial grade TV’s come with a minimum two-year warranty, with the option for additional years to be added for an additional cost.


LG Consumer Grade TV

As you can see, there is little to no benefit if you were to choose to use a consumer grade TV in your business. You may save a little bit of money short term, but in all actuality, using consumer grade for a commercial application could cost you more in the long run.

Be more informed and take the time to ask the proper questions and you could save you and your business a lot of grief down the road.