Intelligent Meeting Spaces

Your employees’ work styles are changing to match the interactive and collaborative technology now available to them. Sure, they still make phone calls, but more and more of their interactions with coworkers and clients include using video, so that it feels like everyone is sitting in the same room. So how do you upgrade your meeting spaces to accommodate this shift in in the working environment?

Provide your employees with the tools they need to be productive. Technology such as wireless collaboration capabilities from any device allow participants to easily share their ideas. Products like Crestron AirMedia and Kramer VIA  change meeting spaces into a BYOD environment by allowing participants to use their Android or iOS devices to share content to the room display.

Provide the meeting spaces your employees need

You may find that having three executive boardrooms and no huddle rooms or open collaboration spaces is inhibiting your employees. If the average meeting size is two to six people, smaller huddle spaces offering video and collaboration will work best for their meetings. The Crestron Mercury is an all-in-one tabletop solution that combines conferencing and collaboration tools into one easy to use console, making it perfect for huddle rooms and small meeting spaces. Some of the features include a full open SIP conference phone, room scheduling, built-in microphone and speaker, and built-in AirMedia for wireless presenting.

Don’t be afraid to use existing equipment or enhance it

For example, an existing whiteboard can be paired with an interactive short throw projector to provide a projection surface that allows for interactive content sharing and writable surface for meeting notes. Manufacturers such as Optoma and Epson provide interactive short throw projectors for this application.  Or, take the next step and go with fully interactive displays that pair with a number of collaboration solutions.

Automate your work environment

How can you automate your work space?  How about opening up the shades to take advantage of that warm afternoon sunshine? Or, have the shades lower at that time of day to cut down on display glare? Have the lights and presentation system turn on when someone enters your executive boardroom and turn off after a certain amount of time of motionless activity.  With Crestron Fusion, you can automate your HVAC, lights, shades, and AV equipment to work optimally for your work space, making your meeting spaces intelligent.  Crestron Fusion networks your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology to help you monitor, manage, and control your systems. Optimize how you use your rooms and save time and money while making the most of your resources.

How We Can Help

Whether your audiovisual need is part of a new construction project or an upgrade to an existing system, Hillman Audio Video can help. We proudly partner with companies like Crestron, Kramer, Optoma, and others, to provide the enterprise solutions our clients need. We take what we do seriously and have a team of passionate and dedicated employees that work to implement the best solution for your audiovisual technology needs.

Food for Thought: Restaurants Want You To Eat With More Than Your Mouth

When a new restaurant opens, there is a lot to consider beyond the menu. Of course you want delicious food and outstanding service, but arguably more important is the ambience.  Are you looking for a place to watch live sports? Are you looking for a relaxed atmosphere with great background audio?

Believe it or not, a great dining experiences needs to involve solid audiovisual planning.  Here are a few things to consider when outfitting your restaurant:

  1. Audio – Do you want to share the same audio everywhere, or different zones? How high should the speakers be hung, and where? How powerful do these speakers really need to be?
  2. Displays – Do your screens need to be interactive, or are they for displaying content only? What sort of resolution do you need on these screens?  Projection versus panels?
  3. Surveillance – Where do the cameras go? How powerful do they need to be?  How long do you need to keep recordings?
  4. Control systems – How is everything controlled… from volume to which channel is on which TV to lighting to overall ambience.

Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing restaurant or building a new one, it is vital to consider the end user’s experience when planning the audiovisual system. As you can see from the list above, there are a number of things to consider, and this is really only scratching the surface.  For instance, if you will be using LCD/LED displays as menu boards, the displays need to be large enough for the words to be legible, as most menu boards are located behind a counter and towards the ceiling. If you are using LCD/LED displays for a live sports atmosphere, consider large displays so the image can be seen from people sitting far away, or even a video wall so all viewers can enjoy the content.

How We Can Help

 Hillman AV can help you with your restaurant audiovisual needs. We work with some of the top up-and-coming chains in Canada, and we have designed, installed and serviced dozens of restaurant audiovisual and surveillance systems of all sizes and types. We take what we do seriously and have a team of passionate and dedicated employees that work to implement the best solution for your audiovisual technology needs.

Is there Audio Visual?


business, education, planning, strategy and people concept - close up of hands drawing schemes and chart on paper sheets at table

Is there Audio Visual? 

Listen, we need to talk. It’s not that we are upset. We just can’t understand why an integrated component to any finished space is left to last.

You’ve seen it before. Your client’s project systematically coming to life as each trade is provided designs, time, notice and scheduling to accommodate the specific order of completion. Then comes the furniture, the interior design work and “Ta-Da.” (insert sparkle magic sound here).  Hands are shaken, congratulations and back patting all around. And then ”UH OH, here come the AV guys.” Ceiling tiles out, drywall dust up, electrical outlets moved and the cleaners stand in shock as all of their hard work becomes slowly undone by this late edition of Audio Visual.

It’s not that we plan it this way. Honest! It’s a common oversight, one that rears it ugly head too often for our liking. We get caught in the middle of a General Contractor trying to handover a project, while the client has brought us in late to the races. This my friend is what we are here to talk about.

I’m here to talk to you, Architects, Interior Designers, Electrical Engineers, IT and yes even you General Contractors. See, you have an advantage at times. You are at the forefront of a project with a client and the opportunity is in front of you to ask ahead. Is there Audio Visual?  Those four words can save you a headache of dismantling, relocating, messing AND save your schedule. Those four words, “Is there Audio Visual?” can save the client a list of grief but more specifically it can save them costly change orders, loose or exposed cabling, and can ensure outlets, cabinets, artwork, or furniture are all in the right place once the dust has settled.

Like you, we love a beautiful space, we love a functioning work room, a productive classroom, an interactive boardroom and we like them done right. This means collaboration between all parties to really reach a point of true perfection.

We aren’t asking you to determine the clients needs, create an AV design and off you go. That is exactly what we are here for. Use us, use our services. We love to play nice with others.

How does it work?

Keep us in your back pocket. Ask the question to your client, “Is there Audio Visual?”  If it’s a yes, then get us involved, and we will do the dirty work.

When you take the opportunity to work with a company like ours, we begin with the client consultation or “fact finding,” as we like to call it. We will provide a complete set of drawings, this includes plan views and elevation drawings for the builders to include and be aware of any products coming in that they may not have otherwise known about. Once we’ve started, we manage ourselves. Our Project Managers will work closely with you to stay on schedule and keep communication with all necessary parties. We can provide all the information required to make sure that when the space is complete, and the handover occurs, your client will get to move into a beautiful, finished, fully functioning space.

So all we ask is that the next time you are designing, engineering, planning or running a project and you have the opportunity, ask “ Is there Audio Visual?” and then get us involved. The sooner the better.



Jarrod Hillman


Hillman Audio Video Inc.

Everyone Loves a Timelapse


Project: The Canadian Brewhouse
Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
Days on site: 21
Number of Video Displays Installed: >50
System Specs: QSC Amplifiers, Symetrix DSP, QSC K Series Speakers, Crestron Pendant Speakers and Sub-Woofers, Chief Mounting Hardware, LG & Sharp Displays .
Other: Custom Crestron Control of Audio and Video system through the Crestron Pro Mobile App
Completed: December 5th, 2015

The Rise of Professional AV (Pro AV)

The Rise of Professional AV (Pro AV)

It doesn’t seem too long ago that only executive boardrooms and universities had the latest in audiovisual technology. The increasing population, demographic and economic growth over the past ten years in Saskatchewan has created an increased demand for Pro AV services. In Regina, new businesses are being launched and existing ones are expanding, the ability to communicate and collaborate are needed more than ever. For example, a small business will require technology to present ideas to co-workers or introduce new products to potential clients. Larger corporations will benefit from the ability to meet and collaborate with remote or foreign offices through unified communication. Schools are gaining traction by building curriculum’s based on an interactive whiteboard system while retail outlets are strengthening their brand recognition and increasing their customer base through digital signage.

and more…

The services of a professional AV company are vast and the potential deemed endless.  It is very encouraging to young companies such as Hillman AV to see increased interest in our field of expertise. We are very excited for the opportunity to grow with Saskatchewan and bring amazing and new technology to our home province and western Canada.