take-advantage-of-the-empty-roomAudio Visual Holiday Update

This time of year can be very hectic at work and at home. At home, you are trying to remember who asked for what on their holiday wish list, until you realize that it is already halfway through December and you haven’t bought any presents yet! At work, you are trying to close out projects before the year’s end as well as thinking about your strategy for the new year. The last thing on your mind is Audio Visual.

Take advantage of the empty room and update the Audio Visual

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be quiet for many companies. Many people choose to take this week off from work to be with friends and family. If you are one of the people who works that week, you can take advantage of the downtime and review your existing audio visual technology.

This week offers you a great opportunity to check out your meeting rooms and conference rooms as they are probably not being used as frequently. Is the technology functioning correctly? Do you have all of the functionality that you need to make your meetings productive?

Create a checklist of equipment that needs to be updated or replaced. Don’t forget to check your emergency equipment stash. Do you have all of the cables and connectors you need to make sure your meetings go off without a hitch?

How we can help

Once you’ve determined what you need to get your audio visual system back up to snuff, you can determine if you need outside help. If you need a new system installed, a programming update, or service and maintenance on your system, Hillman Audio Video can help. We take what we do seriously and have a team of passionate and dedicated employees that work to provide a smooth and effortless result for you.

Working with a professional systems integrator like Hillman Audio Video can help you implement the best solution for your audio visual technology needs.